Postgraduate Programs



Atmospheric Sciences


Climate System and Climate Change

Applied Meteorology

Applied Meteorology


Agricultural Resources and Environment

Agriculture ( Professional Degree)

Atmospheric Physics

Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment

Atmospheric Remote Sensing and Atmospheric Sounding

Lightning Science and Technology

Geographical Science

Geography (Joint Enrollmentwith Nanjing Institute of Environmental Science, Ministry of Environmental Protection)

Remote Sensing and

Geomatics Engineering

3S Integration and Meteorological Applications

(Joint enrollment with the School of Geographic Sciences)

Mapping Science and Technology

Hydrology and

Water Resources Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

Marine Science

Marine Meteorology

Marine Science

Environmental Science and Engineering

Environmental Science and Engineering  ( Joint Enrollment with State Electricity Environmental Protection Research Institute)

Environmental Engineering ( Professional Degree)


Control Science and Engineering

Control Engineering  ( Professional Degree)

Electronics and Information Engineering

Information and Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering ( Professional Degree)

Computer and Software

Computer Science and Technology

Software Engineering

Mathematics and Statistics


Space Weather

Applied Statistics (Professional Degree)

Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering

Optical Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Law and Political Science

History of Science and Technology

Law (Non-Law Science) (Professional Degree)

Law (Law Science) (Professional Degree)


Theory of Marxism

Management Engineering

Management Science and Engineering

Finance (Professional Degree)


Business Administration

Accounting (Professional Degree)

Applied Economics

Business Administration (MBA) (Professional Degree)


Foreign Language and Literature

Translation (Professional Degree)

Chinese Language and Literature

International Chinese Education (Professional Degree)

Media and Art

Art  (Professional Degree)

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